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Welcome to the Great Welsh Roads comments’ page! A chance to tell me personally what you thought of the new series and the routes I took you on. After three series me and Patsy have managed to cover a fair bit of land, sample a good cross section of pubs and fine ales and bumped into a variety of Great Welsh Rogues along the way!

I really appreciated your feedback last time and I love hearing your suggestions about journeys, roads and characters you think I should experience or interview in your area! So if you’ve watched the program and thought “he should come down ‘ere and do our little stretch” then don’t be shy and drop me a line!


53 Responses

  1. So sorry to read about your loss of Patsy, we missed her tonight on the first of your new series.

  2. as a welshlad who regularly travels around caravanning, rarely seeing the sights; and i marvel at some of the sights on your show exclaiming “aint seen that there before” or “I did know that was there”, it’s amazingwhat you dont see when driving. Very sorry to hear about patsy, i thought there was something missing from tonights show.

  3. Hi Mike – Great to have you back on our TV’s. Really interesting with fab interviews, and of course amazing Welsh countryside. Really sorr also to hear about Patsy.

    Thanks for a brilliant show.


  4. Hello Mike,
    It’s great to have your programme back again. I have really enjoyed the previous series and am looking forward to watching this series as well.I’m really sorry to hear about Patsy, she will be missed by us all, I’m sure.

  5. love your show never miss it as we go off in our old camper all the time . missed your dog last night so much. can you please show the camp sites that you stay in as we are always on the lookout for places to stay. keep up the good work

  6. Nice to see your programme back but so sorry to hear about Patsy. She will never be forgotten by your viewers, that is guaranteed. Looking forward to seeing the rest of yiour programmes.

  7. Just a further note to say that your tribute to Patsy is brilliant – people say that dogs are lucky to have good homes but I feel we are the lucky ones to have them around us. They are characters in their own right and quite unique. Bless her.
    It is good to see your programme back – gives me itchy feet to want to go off and explore our lovely country. Keep series after series coming!!

    Thank you.

  8. Hello Mike,
    I really hope your last series is a great success. Pity we don’t have Welsh Tv in Paris!! I enjoyed browsing the site and seeing your ‘famous’ van and of course Patsy. Your tribute was very moving; I thought of our lovely dog we lost nearly 2 years ago. They are real companions.
    Keep exploring!
    ps I’m seeing Jane this week

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind comments about the new series (sorry that it’s been interrupted already by goings-on in Emmerdale…normal service is resumed next week).

    Thanks also for the thoughts about Pats. I’ve been up with Helen, the Producer, today in Caernarfon recording the voice-overs for the final two programmes in this series. The last programme concludes with me coming home and picking Pats up for a walk in a beautiful wood near my home. We’ve done her proud in the sequence, I hope: we all ended up in tears putting it together. Still missing her so badly, of course, but I’m a lot luckier than many dog owners – at least I have some fabulous DVD memories of her at her best.


  10. Really enjoy watching your programme. Would love to get camper van but will make do with static caravans instead. Sorry to hear about Pats. Looking forward to watching prog tonight.

  11. hi, great to see new series,born/lived in wales all my life,travel all over wales work/bike yet am seeing new places every episode!!! who needs to go abroad, sorry about your dog,awaiting next weeks episode. nathan.

  12. We never miss a show.

    Tell us more about Patsy; I only heard that you felt she was too old to travel..(?) Surely not. We miss her – and your relationship with her.

    Has Patsy passed on? If so – very sorry to hear it.

    Surely you need another dog, though…

  13. I’ve just found the link that says that Patsy died this January. So sorry. We will send her our best wishes on her way to her next home. Thanks for your tribute.

  14. I really like the series: it is a great balance of being informative and interesting without being high-brow and without being patronising either.

    Best wishes,


  15. Hi,

    Please would you pass on to Mike our condolences over the loss of
    Patsy. We only discovered she had died tonight after seeing that she wasn’t on the programme with him and I immediately checked the web to find out where she was.

    Patsy was the absolute double of our dog Samson who we sadly lost thirteen years ago. He too was a rescue dog and had been appallingly treated yet he was the most loving and trustworthy dog I have ever known.

    He grew up with my daughter and was very protective of her to the point we couldn’t even tell her off when she was naughty!!! He loved walking in the country and also remembered every place we’d ever gone. He died suddenly and unexpectedly just before his twelfth birthday and to this day we all still miss him terribly none more so than my daughter who still cries over him on his birthday despite being 25 years old now.

    We have had two dogs since (both rescue – always go for rescue they give you so much back) and we love them all dearly, but there is a special place in our hearts that only Sam could fill. I cried when I learnt of Patsy’s death, it brought back so many memories both happy and sad, but I too thank my lucky stars to have known and loved and be loved by such a gentle, loyal friend.

    It will in time, get better, you will always miss her but you will be able to think of her with a smile and remember the good times on
    the road.

    We would just like to thank both Mike and Patsy for the enjoyment
    their programme has given us.

    She will be sadly missed,


    Isobel and Chris Callanan

    (And Tammy the Jack Russell Terrier – or should that be terror ??!!
    Yes – we have succumbed to the lure of another dog !)

  16. I’m very sorry for the changes in the transmission times.
    But thanks for all your comments, they are very much appreciated.

    Helen Williams-Ellis, Series Producer.

  17. Is there any prospect of series 1-3 (and 4?) being released on DVD?

  18. Hi mike.Sorry to hear about Patsy,you were a great couple.Really enjoy your programme,can’t wait each week to see where your off to next.Great series and love your tribute to PATSY.

  19. Re the DVDs: sadly, we can’t do commercial copies of the show, as the copyright cost of using the music is just way too high. So it’s set your videos, DVDs or whatever, I’m afraid…

    Don’t forget the last 3 in this series come in quick succession now – 7.30 next Thursday (20th), then 8pm on Easter Monday and the final one, with a lovely final appearance by Patsy, on Thurs 27th at 7.30. They are being repeated too on Sunday mornings at 11.30ish (time varies).

    Thanks for all the kind comments.


  20. I’ve seen all the series of Great Welsh Roads – the end of the first part always has the text “end of part” rather than “end of part one”. The first time it happened I guessed it was just a mistake but it is clearly a feature so I’m wondering if it is an in-joke. What is it all about?

  21. Excellent programmes – all of them. Old fashioned telly exactly as it should be. Almost BBC like standards of yore. Inform, Educate and Entertain.

    Thanks – shame about the DVDs though !

  22. Really enjoy the programme, and I’m sorry now that I missed the first 2 and a half series. Shame that they’re not going to be on DVD (I’ve just Googled it!)
    I live in North East Wales and have found it fascinating seeing parts I’ve not yet managed to visit. Also thought your Neighbours From Hell book was a fantastic read.

  23. Excellent programme. Unfortunately only discovered it in series 3 and only discoverd series 4 half way through current series.

  24. whats the name of the shoemaker on march 24 program

  25. My wife and myself who live in Aberporth religiously watch your programme every thursday. Imagine our disapointment to learn from a friend that episode 5 had been transmitted on monday 24th. The one that featured this part of Ceredigion. whatever was the thinking behind screening this particular programme at a different time? How would anyone who does not peruse the programme listings daily know about this change?
    Very disapointing.
    Sack th sheduler.
    norman & Joyce Williams.

  26. My wife and I (as said by Prince Phillip) have really enjoyed the series. We are both from North Wales but left because of the cost of living (and the climate) and it was good to see the sights of Wales again but wouldnt exchange it for our four dogs and the Algarvian hills. We can see you scratching your head over material for the neat series. How about visiting Welsh ex pats living in various parts of Europe. Their story and location should make an interesting joirney. Could I suggest you buy an up to date camper first Fred and Rhian Jones Algarve Portugal

  27. Sorry to hear about Patsy, we lost our own pal (Snuff) four years ago and know how you must be feeling.

    Enjoyed what you’ve seen of the series this year missed a couple due to our own travels in north wales almost following your footsteps.

    We would like to suggest for the next series = a trip to marcross and the lighthouse, especially a visit to the cafe and try one of Aunty Thelma’s welsh cakes

  28. My husband and I just love your series. We like many others will miss your lovely Patsy. It will get easier for you, you have many special memories of her. We have a motorhome and intend to follow some of your routes in our beloved Wales. Heres to your next series. Pat Jones

  29. what was the music in part one on 27/03/08?it,s a tune i ,m familiar with,, but i can,t put a name to it….thanks, mike aldron

  30. Brilliant series.

    Why not come to Llangollen?

    Does the shoemaker have a website?

    Very sorry about Patsy


  31. Hey Mike, what a great set of programs these are! They really are a fab advert for Wales and just serve to convince us that we live in a truly beautiful part of the world. Please do another series – there’s no shortage of subject matter out there!
    Best Wishes
    Paul Tarrant

  32. Well, that’s it…all done. Thanks, as ever, for the great feedback. It was lovely to see the homecoming and Pats on tonight’s programme; just got back from the village pub where we were toasting her memory.

    To answer some questions:

    Norman in Aberporth: the Ceredigion coast programme is repeated this Sunday (30 March) at 11.50 am. Sorry about the scheduling mess-up – it’s really annoying for us, believe me, as we get no say so in the matter. I guess the last programme will be repeated some time after that.

    The shoemaker in Ceredigion is Alan Raddon – for more info.

    The “End of Part” thing: that’s the choice of Helen, the producer. You’ll have to ask her!

    The music in episode 6, the journey home: hard to know which bit you mean. Gwibdaith Hen Fran was the band on the tune up to and around Trawsfynydd, Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant was the one at Maentwrog power station – was it one of those?

    We did do Llangollen in Series 1 (a feature on the Fringe there), and came very close too in series 3 last year.

    And if anyone wants to buy me a nice new camper van, just let me know…



  33. didn’t find out until the last of the series that your lovely dog patsy had died.
    we are both sorry for your loss but tracey found it very hard to deal with even having a few tears
    hope that your are coping and that soon you will have a new friend to go traveling with you
    all the best john and tracey

  34. thank you for another great series. Loved episode 6. I drive along the Talyllyn pass to Tywyn almost every day and still think it is the best view in Wales. I always feel as if i am almost home.
    I missed seeing Patsy with you this time. Really upset me to hear she had died. Dogs are like part of the family. think of all the good times you had with her. That will help
    Looking forward to seeing you on tv again.
    best wishes Merfyn

  35. thanks, mike i don,t think it was either of the two tunes mentioned, so it might have been in part two!if it,s repeated i,ll try and “nail” it then, perhaps you can name the tunes in the second part to shorten the process|. in cidentally was the high roof transit ex B.T.? i seem to remember them in use as planning dept. vehicles…all the best , mike aldron

  36. Thanks Mike,

    Enjoyed the latest series, especially the soundtraks, people who watch Eastenders really don’t know what they’re missing.
    Shame about not being able to release this on DVD though.

  37. Oh ! Just one complaint, as a student of the first war can I take issue with the comment about the Officer class (you made by the Traws war memorial) – in fact proportionally as many “officers” were killed in combat as squaddies. One stark fact for you, more British Divisional Commanders were killed during the battle of Loos as were killed throughout WW2….just to put some perspective on it.

  38. Mike, I came here from Annie at My Life. I spent quite a bit of time in a VW Vanagon camping around Europe when I was in the USAF stationed in Germany. One of the most wonderful and memorable times of my life!

    I watched one of your programs and realize how much I miss the open spaces and European lifestyle, the small villages, and people walking around enjoying life.

    I will come back and view more, especially when I tire of looking at buildings every where I turn in the U.S. When I need to be taken back to a much calmer way of living without all the chaos.

    Thank you for letting me be part of your small part of the world!

  39. Hi Mike,
    I’m the Annie in the above comment! I’m actually Angie or Angela when I’m feeling posh,lol.Debbie has sent me a message apologisingfor the mix-up.Anyway, just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying the presnt series.Missed the one on Monday unfortunately as we are in Scotland at the moment but looking forward to catching the next ones when we get home again.
    Angie aka Angela

  40. Without a doubt one of the best programmes we Yorkshire folk watch here in Pembrokeshire, it is always a joy. It was a huge shock to see the last programme and hear of the loss of Patsy. There are no words but those that know, will so sorry. Rest in peace lass.

  41. For those who have missed episodes, the series looks like it is being rerun on Sunday mornings, the Llangrannog to Aberystwyth one being aired tomorrow (30-3-08) at 11:50am.

    Tim (just a viewer, nothing to do with the production)

  42. Hi Mike

    Have loved all the seried – brought back lots of memories – especially the last in series – was brought up in Merioneth although long time away from there now – lovely memories of places I roamed as a youngster

    the last bit with Patsy – especially the ‘nos da Pats’ – had me in total floods of tears though – lost my lovely dog 7 years ago, and although have a new friend now – Meg was like Patsy – special

    keep up the good work – hope there is another series to come!


    J – slightly soggy around the edges!

  43. Just wanted to say how much my boyfriend and I love the Great Welsh Roads series. We’ve been holidaying in Wales for the last few years and watch each episode to find new and interesting little villages around Wales. We live in South Wales and holiday in the north so it’s been fantastic to see and try out new roads.

    Is there any chance of maps being issued of the last two series? We’d love to try out some of the roads in the series but I definitely need a map!

    Also, we were sorry to hear about your dog Patsy, a very sad end to this series.

    Looking forward to the next run (hopefully!?)


  44. Hi Mike

    Just discovered this series and loved it, but missed Monday’s episode sadly. Watched the last one and I spent my childhood holidays in Upper Corris in a cottage and I can remember going to the Slaters Arms in Lower Corris and sitting in their back room. I also remember visiting Violet Lake in the 1960’s – have got a photo of her and her husband with my Mum and I – it brought back special memories. Thanks for a lovely episode – my favourite place in Wales, walking to the green lake up in the slate quarries and of course to the Talyllyn Lake.

  45. We were on holiday in Tal-y-bont last week and by accident happened across the last show of the series.We live near Shrewsbury but come to Wales a lot and it seems such a shame that it’s only shown on ITV Wales, I’d never heard of it before.Any chance of it coming out on DVD?

  46. hi mike realy liked the show it gave me the nuge to get out and about went up to dollgerog and dam stunning if you get out to holyhead call at lifeboat station for a brew regards ray

  47. Dear Mike,

    I am English and married a Bedwas man, so i know live in south wales but we do like watching your program and doing trips you do. My husband wanted to do the run you did by following the pipe line but, upon leaving my parents home in the cotswold he could not recall where you started can you please help?

    regards sonia

  48. Sonia – you’re talking about the Elan Valley aqueduct, I guess? I started that programme in Birmingham, at the Elan Valley scale model in Cannon Hill Park, and then traced the pipeline/aqueduct loosely back through Kidderminster, Bewdley, Clee Hill, Ludlow, Leintwardine, Knighton, Penybont, Rhayader and Elan Valley. It’s really hard to find a map of the route – Severn Trent Water wouldn’t give us one as they were afraid of terrorist attacks, they said! If you Google ‘Elan Valley aqueduct’, you’ll get some good info. The guy I interviewed in that programme, David Milton, has a book out ‘The Elan Valley Way’, which has lots of good snippets in it on where you can see the pipeline above ground.

  49. Mike
    Just picked up your series at Chepstow, just down the road from here, and thought it would be great to see that bit again but the link does not seem to work.

    Not sure if you are intersted but you were on the grat mail coach route. I followed the route this weekend for a meeting in Llangynidr that covered the mail coach routes. Luckily, I was in a car – I don’t know how you made it over the bridge in your camper van! Best bridge in the world though!!

    If you can fix the link, it would be great to revisit

  50. Will Great Welsh Roads be returning to our screens? As a motorcaravanner I realy enjoyed the program.

  51. Please, please, please lets have another Great Welsh Roads! I love the programme

  52. Have just read Map Addict and discover you’ve been on tv with Welsh roads. How did I miss that? Any more/any repeats?

  53. I am with Gisela on this one,Mike-am currently living in Kiddy(having removed from Birmingham)and currently reading Map Addict,which I love,but go o Wales(usually Barmouth and up to Cwm Bychan for the wild camping-would love to see your Great Welsh Roads and always looking on youtube,but the serie will not play-do you have a dvd set out?Would so much love to see more-any help?Kind regards from Kiddy,

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